The Intrusion Transcript

Crossover with ars Paradoxica

The intrusion
By Lauren Shippen, Daniel Manning, & Mischa Stanton

[sfx: click of a recorder, classical music]

Anthony: To this has it come! To this!­­ Treacherous, contemptible spirit, and thou hast concealed it from me!­­Stand, then,­­stand! Roll the devilish eyes wrathfully in thy head! Stand and defy me with thine intolerable presence! Imprisoned! In irretrievable misery! Delivered up to evil spirits, and to condemning, unfeeling Man!

[sfx: time travel whoosh]

Sam: What? What-why is it so dark? Where­... where is this?

[sfx: Sam trips over a stack of books.]

Sam: Oh I’m sor­­ry– wait...How did I do that? How did-

[sfx: Anthony turns the record player off]

Anthony: Who’s there?

Sam: Um, hello? Did- were you talking to me? Can you hear me?

Anthony: Yes, of course I can hear you! Who else would I be speaking to?

Sam: Um...hi?

Anthony: Hello.

Sam: What­, where- where are we?

Anthony: You mean, you don’t know?

Sam: Um, no? I mean, I’ve never- are we underground or something? Where are the windows? Where are the walls? I don’t understand.

Anthony: If you don’t know where we are, then it’s above your pay grade. How did you get here without knowing where here is?

Sam: It’s kind of a long story.

Anthony: Believe me, honey, we’ve got all the time in the world. There’s not many places I have to be.

Sam: Um, it’s Sam? Samantha. Not honey. Just­­ call me Sam.

Anthony: Apologies. It’s been a while since I actually spoke out loud to anybody else. I’m Anthony. It’s nice to meet you, Sam. You can shake my hand, it’s okay. I’m not gonna bite.

Sam: I’m not sure if I can.

Anthony: Well, only one way to find out.

Sam: How?

Anthony: See? Not so bad.

Sam: This isn’t usually how it happens. Our hands should’ve gone straight through each other.

Anthony: Is that, uh... Does that normally happen to you?

Sam: Not many normal things happen to me.

Anthony: I hear that.

Sam: So, where are we?

Anthony: We are... Well, I suppose we’re somewhere outside of time.

Sam: Of course we are. Um, so like, we’re just nowhere? I just fell out of the universe?

Anthony: Well, it’s October 28th, 1943. About 3pm, Eastern time. We’re in Philadelphia. That is, if we’re anywhere at all.

Sam: That’s an oddly specific place outside of time.

Anthony: It’s the site of a big military experiment. It kicked off, well- we’re actually on the deck of a destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge.

Sam: Military experiment. Right. That’s- 1943, you say?

Anthony: Yes, but my question is, how did you get here without knowing any of this? What, did you stumble across a Timepiece and just flip it on? I don’t think I have any records of any misplaced equipment...

[sfx: typing]

Sam: Is that a computer? Do you get wi­fi outside of time?

Anthony: What’s wi­fi?

Sam: That answers that, I guess.

Anthony: Where are you from? Or, when, I mean.

Sam: 2016.

Anthony: Where’s your Timepiece?

Sam: My what?

Anthony: How did you get here?

Sam: It’s just something that happens to me. Or­­ no, no Joan wouldn’t want me saying that. Um, it’s something I can do.

Anthony: What- You can just travel in time? Without any sort of equipment, or anything?

Sam: Well, yeah.

Anthony: Hah, really? What is it with 21st­-Century broads and time travel?

Sam: I don’t know, but I’m not a broad. God, I do not miss the 40s...

Anthony: I’m sorry, I’m from a different time.

Sam: Yeah, that excuse won’t really work on me.

Anthony: So you’ve never heard of the Timepiece?

Sam: Nope.

Anthony: What about ODAR?

Sam: I don’t think so.

Anthony: Well, isn’t that just... wizard.

Sam: Yeah I guess.I’ve been driving across the US, I’m­- I’m looking for someone. And it’s- it’s not going great and I kind of had a bad moment and ended up here.

Anthony: And just like that, you end up here in the Blackroom?

Sam: Just like that.

Anthony: Do you take trips often?

Sam: Um, yeah I do. Though, not so many like this one­­ ones where I don’t choose to go. I’m getting better at controlling them but it’s not a perfect science.

Anthony: I’m a little surprised I haven’t heard of you before.

Sam: So, what, you’re just some guy sitting in a bubble outside of time, with a computer and books but no Internet? Have you- have you always been here? Are you like- you’re not like, Father Time or something are you?

Anthony: Ha! Hardly. I’ve been here for...a while, I guess. Days, certainly. Months, probably. It’s a bit difficult keeping track of time here.

Sam: Yeah, I bet. What are you doing here?

Anthony: I’m coordinating messages for ODAR. They’re the Office of Developed Anomalous Resources.

Sam: What? Those aren’t real things.

Anthony: They’re a fringe research division. Or, they were. Since I’ve been here they’ve grown into something else. Something a little less science­-y, a little more espionage­-y.

Sam: So like, a secret government time travel conspiracy?

Anthony: Essentially, yes.

Sam: Oh good, more government conspiracies. Jeez, and I thought The AM was bad enough but- Okay, so this is like a time travel pit stop? And you’re here to, what, be a traffic cop for time travelers?

Anthony: More like a mailman than a traffic cop.

Sam: You must have a ton of information on your computer here. I mean, if you're keeping track of all events through time, right? Uh, do you keep files on individual people? Like, people who have been to other times?

Anthony: Sometimes. If they’re important. You’re quick on the uptake.

Sam: Do you think I could-I mean, can you look someone up for me?

Anthony: You know what? Why not.

Sam: Um, Mark. Mark Bryant.

Anthony: And you said 2016, right?

Sam: Yeah. Really any time after 2011.

[sfx: typing]

Anthony: It’s a little tough for me to access anything beyond 1990 or so, but I’ll see if I can... No, I don’t see anything here.

Sam: Oh, um... Try Mark Bright, maybe?

[sfx: typing]

Anthony: Nothing there either.

Sam: Damn. Anything at all about Atypicals?

Anthony: What are you going on about?

Sam: They’re... We're... I don’t know what we are. People with weird abilities? Not just time travel like me. There’s this teenagers who feels everybody’s feelings, and I know a girl who hears your thoughts. I think I heard my therapist mention a girl who could make fire once.

Anthony: Your therapist?

Sam: Oh yeah, we’ve all got this therapist. It’s how I know any other ones like me.

Anthony: Must be some therapist.

Sam: It’s not the most normal therapeutic environment, that's for sure.

Anthony: This is impossible. Mind reading? Spontaneous combustion? It’s something out of Action Comics!

Sam: Remind me where we are again?

Anthony: The difference between you and me is at least I know how my physics work. Your time travel doesn’t make any sense!

Sam: You don't have to be mean about it. I know it doesn't make sense, but, I mean, it's still mine.

Anthony: I’m sorry.

Sam: It’s okay. I appreciate you trying to helping me.

Anthony: Well sure, of course!

Sam: Why are you helping me? I mean, if you’re part of some big government spy game, aren’t you worried I’m a spy?

Anthony: Are you?

Sam: No.

Anthony: Good. Because I probably would’ve helped you anyway. Again, you’re the first person I’ve really spoken to in...Well, since I’ve been here.

Sam: You mean- you’re trapped here, aren’t you?

Anthony: Yes. I mean, I volunteered, but I can’t leave. Ever.

Sam: You volunteered? I- I’m sorry, I’m just having a hard time believing anyone would give up their whole life to do this. To be here. Forever.

Anthony: I had my reasons. And I didn’t have much left to leave behind, in the end.

Sam: Do you- do you want to talk about it?

Anthony: Not particularly.

Sam: Listen, I get it. I was the same way. Talking to Joan about my problems was really helpful at first–

Anthony: No, thank you. You’re a nice girl, but we only just met.

Sam: So, you picked this place over whatever it is you left behind.

Anthony: Yeah. At least here I feel useful. Like I’m contributing something. Back there I only took. Destroyed. It is pretty lonely in here though. I mean, I never thought I’d see another face again, so it’s really nice that you’re here.

Sam: I know what you mean. I tend to avoid making contact with people. I get nervous that I may cause something bad. Whenever I take a trip, I’m never entirely sure what I’ll come back to find.

Anthony: Come back?

Sam: Yeah, whenever I return from one of my trips­­ I usually end up in the same exact place but it’s always a bit of a gamble­­.

Anthony: But time travel only works one way, towards here and now. The Eldridge, it’s- it’s the only point anyone can travel towards.

Sam: Um, no? I’ve been spending a lot of time in the 1800s lately­­, so...

Anthony: So you can travel forwards in time too?

Sam: Yeah, I mean, I’ve never been to the future before­– well, I mean, I’ve been to your future I guess. But yeah, I can travel forward to where I was last. When I was last.

Anthony: Sam you have to get me out of here!

Sam: Whoa, what?

Anthony: Please, please take me with you! Don’t leave me trapped here!

Sam: Whoa, okay, hold on. I’m not sure I can do that. I mean, I can’t affect anything in the past at all.

Anthony: You’ve never tried! I’m sure if you can­­ get in here you can get me out–

Sam: Whoa. Back up. Don’t come any closer.

Anthony: For the love of God, please, if you could just try, please, I can’t­­–

Sam: I said back off!

Anthony: I’m sorry. I’m not sure what came over me. I’ve been stuck here, and I just- I’m sorry.

Sam: I think I should try to go.

Anthony: No, no please don’t, I said I’m sorry, just- Please stay.

Sam: I’m not going to stay here with you.

Anthony: If you leave now, I’ll inform ODAR all about you.

Sam: You’re bluffing. You don’t even know my last name.

Anthony: Your name is Sam, you’re from 2016, you’re connected with something called the AM, that’s all they’ll need, and they have decades to figure out the rest.

Sam: And then what?

Anthony: And then they’ll...

Sam: Yeah, I can guess. All those organizations are the same. You’d set me up for a lifetime of, what, being watched? Chased? Experimented on? You’ve only known me for a few minutes, but do you really think I deserve that?

Anthony: No.

Sam: Listen, Anthony­­–it’s Anthony, right? I know what it’s like to want to punish someone else for your mistakes, but­­ I have someone who needs my help. Someone I care about. Haven’t you- has there been anyone you’d do anything for?

Anthony: Helen. My wife, Helen. She left me, right before I came here. And I- It was my fault. And I thought I was over it but...

Sam: And did you turn her over to a bunch of spies?

Anthony: No. No, I let her go. She didn’t deserve it. And neither do you. I just- I don’t know if I can stand to be left behind again. I don’t know if I can take it.

Sam: Well, How about this. If you don’t tell anyone at ODAR about me, and if I return to my present don’t have about 50 government spies on my tail all of a sudden, I’ll come back and visit you. Does that sound okay? Okay. I’m gonna go. I’ll see you soon.

Anthony: No you won’t.

Sam: Of course I will­­–

Anthony: No. You’ve got your own life to live. You don’t need to coddle some stranger in a dark room. But I need to hear you say it. That you’re not coming back for me.

Sam: I’m sorry Anthony I just- ­­I’m not sure that I can.

Anthony: It’s okay.

Sam: It was-It was nice to meet you.

Anthony: Give my best to the outside world.

[sfx: time travel whoosh; click of a recorder]