A selection of our listener reviews

Best Audio Drama Out There by P.K. Brooks  ★★★★★
The Bright Sessions is based on a fun premise and is executed beautifully by Ms. Shippen and the cast. The production values are top-notch, but more importantly the strong writing is reinforced by a talented troupe of actors. A lot of the "narrative" podcasts out there are not created by professional actors, and that tends to come through in the finished product. Not so for the Bright Sessions. The skill and experience of the actors is evident from the first episode and continues to impress. I am excited to see where the story goes and I hope that it continues to be as intriguing as it has been to this point. I heartily recommend The Bright Sessions to anyone who has enjoyed podcasts like The Black Tapes, EOS10, Tanis and LimeTown. You will not be disappointed. 

Captivating by pepsicola4566 ★★★★★
The Bright Sessions is, simply put, an incredible podcast. While the idea of having recordings from a fixed location seeming like it could cause a deficit of character information or comprehensive plot, therapy is such an environment that these potential pitfalls are sidestepped. It's the perfect venue for learning as much as you need about characters and truly feels as if you're stepping right into Dr. Bright's routine of recording rather than starting at the beginning. The mix of recurring and new patients allows the listener to understand more clearly just how Dr. Bright's interactions with Atypicals go, and boy is it intriguing. I was hooked on this from the first episode and am absolutely in love with the characters and plot. Lauren Shippen has managed to let us see many aspects such a wonderful story through a relatively limited medium and I have nothing but good things to say. Additionally, I've had nothing but good experiences with all the creators of The Bright Sessions on social media. Their website has some great bonus content that truly brings characters to life by illustrating their interests and relationships. Overall, one in a million. Would rate 6/5 stars if I could.

Refreshing Audio Drama by Aliold27 ★★★★★
It's one of those podcasts that picks up right off the bat and keeps going. The suspense is great and the podcast seems to hit the right balance of mystery and payoff, revealing a lot of the characters in the session while still leaving you wanting for more.

Good and potentially groundbreaking by Mr. Write Right ★★★★★
I recently came across "The Bright Sessions," and after I heard the first episode I immediately downloaded the other episodes. Ms. Shippen is a bright and articulate artist with a vision. Each episode is a treasure and a revelation. I look forward to more episodes. I also hope that Ms. Shippen and her crew will continue to create new, provocative, and thoughtful narratives. Long live "The Bright Sessions!"

Love Creativity? Suspense? Great Characters? by Luckyjeane ★★★★★
his series is addictive. Thank you Lauren Shippen. You have done something amazing!

Best show on the air. Period. by Maddgik ★★★★★
I stumbled upon this show when I couldn't get a flight and had a long boring drive. This is a masterful show. The story line is on point: drama, suspense and memorable characters. I got to my location and stayed in the car to finish the series. I am recommending to all my friends. I can't wait until season 3. What a gem.

Excellent Sci-Fi Podcast by arnaldoim ★★★★★
The voice acting work is high quality, comparable to Limetown in clarity and believability. It has the specialness to give you a suspension of belief, reminding me of shows like Fringe and Hannibal. If you have even a passing interest in stories with humans with special abilities (Heroes, X-Men, etc.) and/or Sci-Fi podcasts (Welcome to Nightvale, Limetown, etc.) then you have to listen to this latest and greatest in podcasts.

My Favorite Podcast Right Now by ACNail83 ★★★★★
This show is so genuine. If you feel like you'll be turned off by the superhero premise, reconsider immediately. Lauren and Co have somehow managed to make a podcast about super therapy that is so genuine, and evokes so many different feelings that I wish I could just have them do this show full time all the time. It's short, but not too short. It's just perfect, ok?

Wonderful! by bookmarkedpage ★★★★★
I thoroughly enjoyed season one, which comprises of the first 9 episodes. It's about people working through their developing supernatural abilities and a therapist helping them control their abilities and cope with their day to day lives. Plus...well, something we haven't found out yet! The voice talent is wonderful and sounds natural; none of the dialogue sounds forced, and I am so excited for season 2 to show up in my feed!

Rad by turnitout920 ★★★★★
The first thing I noticed about the show is the great production. Then, I was listening to it as I did some chores around my apartment, and by the end of the short first episode I found myself just sitting and listening. Totally engrossed. It's like a really great tv show, so binge watch it. 

Professor Xavier meets The Black Tapes by KyleSQ9 ★★★★★ 
We live in a new era of podcasting, the narrative era. The Bright Sessions is a narrative podcast exploring the patients of Dr. Bright, each of who has a different ability. Dr. Bright serves as a sorta Professor Xavier to each of her patients, teaching them how to deal with their special abilities and talking them through their problems, much like a real therapist would. The acting and writing are great, each session feels like a real session with Dr. Bright, every character is fleshed out and their reactions sound genuine. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was ad libbed, or even better, real. 

High production value, gripping voice acting, and intriguing concept. by Matt - ObsessiveViewer Podcast ★★★★★
The Bright Sessions is a very well-produced audio drama with a very intriguing high-concept premise. The voice acting is terrific and the writing keeps me coming back for more episodes. It's a great show and I'm really excited to see where it goes. 

A bright new star in the podcasting crown. by PattyRayMonroe ★★★★★
Stories about superpowers are difficult. Too often, those with powers are cast as Demi-gods who sit several steps above normal human beings. They wield their powers with abandon and seem no worse-the-wear for it. This podcast is not about those kinds of people. The Bright Sessions takes the form of the recorded sessions of a psychiatrist dealing with patients who have extraordinary abilities. This frame for the narrative allows us to see the real struggles of, for instance, an empath who struggles to separate his own emotions from those of the people around him. The Bright Sessions depicts these unique individuals as people with their own unique struggles. Lauren Shippen has created a masterpiece with this series, combining amazing audio design, voice acting and writing. Do yourself a favor and jump on this podcast now; as incredible as it is, I've no doubt it's audience will continue to grow. Wouldn't it be nice to brag to your friends how you listened to The Bright Sessions, "before it was cool"?

This may be the best new podcast ever. by AustinYQM ★★★★★ 
The premise is great and the acting is spot on. I am excited to see how it unfolds

My New Addiction by Can't findanicknamegirl ★★★★★
After listening to the first two episodes, I was hooked. I have listened to all 24 available podcasts within a day. It's an amazing story, with lots of twists and turns. You must listen in chronological order starting from the beginning, but it's a great story for lovers of drama, science fiction, all perfectly blended together with an amazing story line. This is the best podcast ever!!!