The Bright Sessions has been featured in: 

"Tautly written and well-acted by its small cast, the podcast combines shades of The X-Files and the HBO psychotherapy drama In Treatment, plus the youthful characters of a WB drama like Roswell or Smallville, into one compulsively listenable tale....Having each episode center on a straightforward conversation between two people could be a limiting premise for a podcast, but in Shippen’s hands it emphasizes how smartly structured The Bright Sessions’ story is...The Bright Sessions reminds us that all any story really needs are compelling characters and a interesting tale told well."
- Tanya Pai, Vox

"Part Professor X, part Sigmund Freud, Dr. Bright has a specialty: treating “the strange and unusual.” The season finale doesn’t disappoint, but start at the beginning and binge away an afternoon on Dr. Bright’s couch."
- Charley Locke, WIRED 

"I give all the points for originality in formatting here...This is the podcast for you if you’re really into analysis."
- Drew Grant, Observer

"This award-winning podcast is a sci-fi audio drama about people in therapy who have supernatural abilities. The art form of radio drama can often be pushed aside for the ever-popular narrative shows, but this cast of talented voice actors and captivating story threads will keep you hooked."
- Samantha J. Gross, The London Evening Standard

"What I savour in this smart and slyly funny show is its pacy respect for genre, and the unmacho sensibility that imbues its exploration of our age of anxiety."
- Patricia Nicol, The Sunday Times

"I was relieved that The Bright Sessions, Lauren Shippen’s 2015 radio drama about a psychotherapist whose patients have superpowers (and nervous breakdowns), will have new episodes from October. It’s one of the smarter fiction podcasts around, and Dr Bright’s three patients — a time traveller, an empath and a telepath who initially thought she was hearing the voices of angels — are going through stuff that goes way past the average midlife crisis."
- Nilanjana Roy, The Financial Times

"Created by the brilliant Lauren Shippen, The Bright Sessions is probably my number one favorite podcast right now...What made this podcast truly stand out to me was the incredible cast of voice is an absolute joy to listen to. Julia Morizawa is particularly captivating as Dr. Bright, the sympathetic, yet mysterious, therapist who is trying to understand her unusual patients."
- Patricia Thang, Book Riot

"Radio dramas for the podcast age often veer towards either solid writing or engrossing performances. Rare is the show that satisfies on both fronts like “The Bright Sessions,”...Fewer shows still are as willing to break from a clearly established format the way that “The Bright Sessions” does, bringing its disparate story threads from out of a special therapist’s office and into the show’s greater universe for its Season 2 finale...writer Lauren Shippen never loses sight of the impressive character work that drives the show..."
- Steve Greene, IndieWire

"Although initially skeptical after the first episode, I grew to quickly love the cast of this touching, witty, brilliant podcast...this is by far my favorite podcast."
- Carolyn Ducker, Geek Girl Authority

"Teenage angst is perfectly captured in the Bright Sessions, as two extremely gifted actors (Briggon Snow and Julie Morizawa) play Caleb, a confused atypical teen and Joan Bright, a very unique therapist. The interplay between these characters highlights the on-point writing in this very engaging audio drama."
- Calen, The Bello Collective


  • July, 2017: Lauren Shippen, Podcast Launchpad (audio)
  • June, 2017: Lauren Shippen, Dayton Writers Movement (written)
  • June, 2017: Lauren Shippen, Fictitious (audio)
  • April, 2017: Lauren Shippen, Cherry Pop (written)
  • March, 2017: Lauren Shippen, Julia Morizawa, and Briggon Snow at Emerald City Comicon (audio)
  • March, 2017: Lauren Shippen, Kneel Before Aud (audio)
  • February, 2017: Lauren Shippen; The SunBreak (written)
  • January 2017: Lauren Shippen; Bello Collective (written)
  • November, 2016: Lauren Shippen & Julia Morizawa, Save the Last Word for Me (audio)
  • August, 2016: Lauren Shippen; Cheers, Stomps & Whistles (audio)
  • August, 2016: Lauren Shippen; the official Patreon Podcast (audio)
  • July 2016: Briggon Snow; Cheers, Stomps & Whistles (audio)
  • June, 2016: Lauren Shippen; Radio Drama Revival (audio)
  • May, 2016: Lauren Shippen; Reluctant Habits (written)
  • March, 2016: Lauren Shippen; Sara Weber (written)

What Else people are saying about the bright sessions: 

"What I'm loving about this podcast (besides the incredible acting and top-notch sound quality) is what an unexpected take on the superhero genre it is. These characters aren't out saving or ruining the world -- they're just in therapy, trying to cope with their strange abilities. For now, at least."
- Jessie, Between Two Earbuds

"It's really, really is very much a character study in all the best ways."
- Matt Tamanini, Broadway World

"I f*cking love this show." 
- The Whatnauts (podcast episode about The Bright Sessions)

"The Bright Sessions...I was saying some of the acting in that is as good as I’ve ever heard in audio drama, it’s just phenomenal. It’s one of those shows where you forget you’re listening to a performance and when it finishes you realize that you have. I think that’s just a great example of quality audio drama, when you forget you’re listening to audio drama. The acting in that is phenomenal"
- Matthew, The Audio Drama Production Podcast

"The production quality is great, the voice acting spot on, and the pacing just right. Neatly done, and not overstated, the show has just the right amount of unnerving possibility to it to make cold fingers trail across the back of your neck."
- Stephen Hunt, The Tribune (Bahamas) 

"The first season of the audio drama “The Bright Sessions” (written by Lauren Shippen) may be two people talking in a room, but it’s some of the most compelling storytelling and acting I’ve heard in a while."
- Michael Bergonzi, Audio Drama Review

"The Bright Sessions is unbelievable...the voice acting is incredible and the way it unfolds is compelling. So I highly recommend that." 
- Nerdy Curiosities

"This podcast is impeccably acted and produced, it is easy to forget you are listening to a performance. So captivating is the story, you actually feel like you are listening in on therapy sessions."
- Geek Girl Pen Pals

“The Bright Sessions is a smart, psychological fictional podcast that is a cross between In Treatment and X-Men and has the feel of a riveting stage play. Each episode follows the same format — Dr. Bright, a licensed psychologist, meets with one of her patients to discuss a range of issues.”
- David Chang, Medium

Just caught up on The Bright Sessions and it got under my skin so much I couldn’t sleep. A++
— Caroline Framke, writer for


“The Bright Sessions has hooked me in, with a great mix of intriguing science fiction premise, novel (but very natural) format, and serialization…It’s a set of character studies, but it’s also an interesting exploration of the consequences of flashy world-threatening powers on the emotions and turmoils of daily life.”
- Podpodpodcast

“This is the first fiction podcast that I’ve been really into – it’s like listening in on a therapy session, if that therapy session takes a weird sci-fi turn (think: time travel and mind-reading)…I’m excited to hear what happens next.” 
- Bello Collective

This may be one of my favorite fictional podcasts so far!
— Sara Weber

“...the premise of their show is really simple and brilliant. There is a therapist that puts out ads in I’m guessing the classified section of newspapers and online for therapy for unusual people. And these unusual people all have abilities that are mentally based. So it’s mental treatment for people with mental abilities, like time travel and being empaths and mind reading. It’s super interesting and the dramaturgy of these shows is excellent. The amount of attention to detail on how these mental abilities would actually be treated in a clinical setting is great. "
- Alexander Charles Adam, Smash/Cut

#TheBrightSessions. Listen to that, fun short fiction
— Max Landis, screenwriter & director

“This series is set in a believable way, with the audio coming to our ears taped therapy sessions of supernaturals among us. The creator, Lauren Shippen, comes from a music and acting background and it pays off!”“
Dana Gerber-Margie, in her podcast newsletter

"Created by Lauren Shippen, The Bright Sessions is about people with special abilities going to therapy. And from there, the story unfolds. It is a wonderfully produced show with a great cast of actors, including the creator, Lauren Shippen, herself. Are you looking for a good story? Do you wonder how people with super powers cope? Tune into The Bright Sessions."
- Mark, ApexThis

"I can’t help but express nothing but gratitude about such a lovingly constructed, precise, and brilliantly acted piece of work. I finished the current feed of in the course of a day."
- podcake