Mini Episode 9 Transcript

Mini episode 9 - sunday, after my session

[sfx: iPhone voice memo beep, walking throughout]

Chloe: Well that was interesting. 

Sam: Are you recording or should I?

Chloe: Already on it. We definitely want a record of this in case...

Sam: Yeah. I can’t believe how complacent he’s being.

Chloe: I know. This is odd. So what a day, huh?

Sam: What a day. 

Chloe: How are you feeling?

Sam: Weird. Excited. Worried. Relieved. Nervous. Happy. My hand hurts. 

Damien: My nose hurts. 

Chloe: He speaks. 

Sam: I’m…I’m sorry about that. Sort of. 

Damien: So you’re the famous Sam, huh?

Sam: I guess. 

Damien: Mark talks a lot about you. About how you saved him. 

Sam: You told him something different though, didn’t you?

Damien: I don’t see anyone else around here who spent the past four months nursing him back to health. 

Sam: Because you stole him from us! 

Damien: I freed him.

Sam: Excuse me?

Damien: I did. 

Sam: God, do you really believe that? Seriously, tell me. 

Damien: I don’t know. 

Sam: Okay, I don’t like doing this, because forcing someone to do something is wrong, but while I have the chance- 

Chloe: Sam-

Sam: Did you hurt him?

Damien: No. 

Sam: Did you- did you make him do anything he didn’t want to?

Damien: The whole point is that they do want it. That’s how it works. Or how it used to work.

Sam: You know what I mean. 

Damien: Just staying inside. He wanted to go wandering around, I didn’t think it was safe. So I made him stay inside. 

Sam: And tell you things. 

Damien: What?

Sam: You made him tell you things, too. 

Damien: He wanted to. 

Sam: Did he really?

Damien: I kept him safe. 

Chloe: Sam, we should keep walking. 

Sam: Can you- you can’t read his thoughts, can you?

Damien: I’m right here you know. 

Sam: Oh, shut up. 

Chloe: No, I can’t. And I’m not sure there would be anything to be gained even if I could. 

Sam: He’s a good man, do you realize that? He’s so- he’s trusting. And you abused that. What, you don’t have anything to say to that?

Damien: You told me to shut up. 

Chloe: Yikes, you really aren’t yourself, are you?

Sam: Well?

Damien: Well, what?

Sam: I don’t want you to shut up now. 

Damien: Isn’t it a little hypocritical to talk about trust when you lied to him about his sister for months?

Sam: It wasn’t- I didn’t know about the names and- I might’ve been a bit selfish, but I didn’t try and trick him. None of it was intentional.

Damien: Sometimes it isn’t intentional for me either. 

Sam: Bullshit. 

Chloe: Sam- 

Damien: God, you really are such a know-it-all, aren’t you? I thought he was exaggerating, always going on about how smart you are- 

Sam: What, are you jealous? Is that why you tried to erase me? 

Damien: I don’t get jealous. I get what I want. 

Chloe: What do you want Damien. 

Damien: I-

Chloe: And be honest. 

Damien: Charming. I want someone who can understand, okay? 

Chloe: Understand what?

Damien: This is my place. 

Sam: What?

Chloe: Oh. Yeah, this is the address Dr. Bright gave us. 

Sam: Why aren’t you going in then?

Damien: Because I want to stay out here with you so you can yell at me some more. That’s what my body is telling me anyway, even though my brain knows that not true. 

Chloe: How is this possible? Neither of us- 

Sam: I don’t know. Residual effects, I guess?

Damien: So? Want to interrogate me some more?

Sam: No. No, go home, Damien. 

Chloe: And remember to eat. And sleep. And I don’t know, do whatever else you need to to survive. Well, within reason! Don’t- just take care of yourself, I guess? Do you think that’s enough?

Sam: Seems to be.

[sfx: Damien entering his building]

Sam: Well, that was-

Chloe: Yeah. 

Sam: I feel-

Chloe: Kind of gross?

Sam: Yeah. 

Chloe: Now you know how I feel a lot of the time. 

Sam: What?

Chloe: I know I can’t always help it, and you say it’s okay when I read your thoughts because we’re friends but- ick, sometimes it feels really wrong to hear stuff you’re not supposed to. 

Sam: Wrong like making someone want to do something?

Chloe: Yeah. 

Sam: You’re not like him. 

Chloe: I could be though. I mean, if I wanted to, I could use the information I hear to get whatever I want. 

Sam: I really don’t see you blackmailing anyone any time soon. Unless there’s good reason. 

Chloe: Sam…

Sam: Yeah, I know.  But you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t behave like him. Make someone spill all their secrets-

Chloe: But I do do that - all I have to do is listen. 

Sam: Then it’s about intention-

Chloe: Is it? Does good intention make it okay?

Sam: I don’t know. 

Chloe: Well, this has been extremely confusing and disheartening evening. 

Sam: Dinner?

Chloe: No, I shouldn’t. 

Sam: My treat. 

Chloe: Sam, you can’t keep buying me food. And art supplies.

Sam: Oh come on, just let me. I have the money. 

Chloe: I know you do, but it doesn’t seem fair. 

Sam: Of course it’s fair - you’re an up-and-coming artist and I’m the wealthy, old lady patron. Tale as old as time. 

Chloe: Okay. Sushi?

Sam: Perfect.