Mini Episode 1 Transcript

Mini Episode 1 - The Voicemail of Dr. Bright
By Lauren Shippen

Dr. Bright: You’ve reached the voicemail of Dr. Joan Bright. If this is to schedule an appointment, please press one to speak to Sarah. Otherwise, please leave your name, number, and a brief message after the tone. 

[sfx: voicemail beep]

Voicemail voice: Message received on, Friday, at, 11:35 AM.

Chloe: Hi, Dr. Bright. I guess we just missed each other. My studio time ran over a bit - but could we maybe reschedule for Monday? These phone calls have been nice - it’s fun to talk to someone and not have to worry about hearing all of the other stuff going through their head. I almost feel normal. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I looked into that art therapy organization that you told me about. And I think I can convince Frank to go maybe. They’ve got an open house thing on Sunday, so I’m going to try and bring him. I guess I’ll tell you all about it at our session next week. Or if you call on Monday. Whichever. Okay, have a good weekend. 

[sfx: voicemail beep]

Voicemail voice: Message received on, Friday, at, 4:16 PM.

Caleb: Hi, Dr. Bright - it’s Caleb. I know it’s weird that I’m calling but- well, I know it’s been a few weeks since we talked about it but, I talked it over with my parents and they’re on board with the whole telling Adam thing. Uh, so I’m going to do that. Tomorrow. We’re- we’re hanging out and I think I’m ready. So I just wanted to warn you, I guess? And just say thanks for encouraging me and whatever. Here’s hoping it doesn’t all blow up in my face. Okay. I’ll see you on Sunday. 

[sfx: voicemail beep]

Voicemail voice: Message received on, Friday, at, 4:58 PM.

Agent Green: Hello, Dr. Bright. This is Agent Green. It is two minutes to five o’clock on Friday. I am calling to confirm our meeting, uh, two weeks from today. As always, I’ll be reviewing your patient notes and any neurological research you’ve conducted, so please have those files prepared. You can email me to confirm or you can always call me back. Anytime. Have a good weekend.  

[sfx: voicemail beep]

Voicemail voice: Message received on, Friday, at, 6:46pm.

Damien: Afternoon, Dr. B. Or, uh, evening, I suppose. Just doing my weekly check-in. I’m not sure you even listen to these messages anymore, but, you know, tradition is tradition. Nothing much to report over here - I like your new haircut though. Very dashing. Trying to impress someone? I know you’ve got one of those mysterious meetings in a few weeks. I hope you don’t mind, I persuaded Sarah to slip me your calendar for the next few months. Yeah, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. Following you around can become somewhat tiresome. Besides, that patient of yours leads a much more interesting life - making pottery, volunteering with the homeless- don’t worry, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’ve just seen her about town. But I do think we would get along. Well, we can talk about it later - I think I’ll come in next week.  Anyhoo, I know you’re at your usual Friday yoga class, so namaste and all that. 

[sfx: voicemail beep]

Voicemail voice: Message received on, Friday, at, 11:23 PM.

Sam: Hi, Dr. Bright, it’s Sam. Samantha, uh, Samantha Barnes. I’m sorry to call so late, but I just - are you going to be in your office tomorrow? I need to see you. After our session yesterday, I took a trip - on purpose. I’ve been practicing going away like we’ve been talking about and it worked and that’s not even the crazy part. I wasn’t able to stay long there - England I think, 18-something - but tonight, tonight I went back to the same exact place. Which was weird enough but then- then I saw someone. Or no, I mean, obviously I see people when I’m in- but this person- they, I think they saw me too. I don’t know, I can’t be sure, but, can you please just be at your office tomorrow morning, maybe around 9? I know it’s the weekend, but, please. Okay. Oh, this is Sam- I don’t know if I said that. Sorry. Bye. 

[sfx: voicemail beep]

Voicemail voice: End of messages.