Episode 50 Transcript

50 - rose
by Lauren Shippen

Rose (singing):

It starts
Like any other night

Like any other dream
It pulls me in

And then
Like nothing else in life
Like no one’s ever seen
I go deeper in

And suddenly a flash of white light
Bursts around the edges of my eyes
The feeling grows
And then I know
I’m inside
I’m inside
Someone else’s mind

Through the looking glass I go
Into a world so unpredictable
I know things I shouldn’t know

And I marvel at
How beautiful
Dreams can be
I wish you could see what I see

I go
Into someone’s head
When they’re lying in their bed
I come in soft

They don’t
Know that I am there
I simply sit and stare
And learn their hearts

But if I see that someone’s lost
I try to help no matter what the cost
I change their dreams
And then it seems
I can make
I can make
Them new thoughts

Through the looking glass I go
Into a world so unpredictable
I show things that need to be shown

And I marvel at
How bittersweet
Dreams can be
I wish they could see what I see

Before I know a whole night has passed
And I never want to leave
And though I know that it can’t last
And while it may be hard to conceive
Dreams can be more real
Than real life to me

So through the looking glass once more
When life gets too predictable
I go where no one can go

And I marvel at
How hypnotizing
Dreams can be
To know
Nobody’s seen
What I see

No one’s ever seen
What I see

Rose: Huh. I guess we’re doing musicals tonight.

Agent Green: It wouldn’t be the first time. 

Rose: Agent Green? What are you doing here?

Dream Agent Green: You tell me. 

Rose: Oh, this is my dream.

Dream Agent Green: I would have thought that would have been fairly obvious.

Rose: Yeah, well, waking up into a dream and immediately bursting into song would disorient anyone. You’re snarkier in my dreams than you are in real life. 

Dream Agent Green: You're just realizing this?

Rose: See? Definitely snarkier. 

Dream Agent Green: I think you want me - the real me - to stand up for himself more. Myself. Hm. 

Rose: Don’t worry about it, things rarely make sense in here. And can you blame me? I’ve been inside Agent Green:’s head. He’s not a bad guy. Just…

Dream Agent Green: Spineless?

Rose: You said it first. 

Dream Agent Green: Actually you did. I’m you, remember?

Rose: Whatever. 

Dream Agent Green: So are we going walking tonight?

Rose: Where are we again?

Dream Agent Green: Sam’s house. 

Rose: Oh, right. That explains the song and dance. We were watching old musicals. I must have fallen asleep. I wonder if anyone else is…(beat) yeah, I can feel the edges of Sam and Caleb at least. I think Mark is beginning to doze too. 

Dream Agent Green: So we’re going wandering?

Rose: Might as well, right? I definitely want to know more about these people. 

Dream Agent Green: You don’t trust them?

Rose: I don’t know them. They seem alright, but so did Damien when I first met him and apparently I was way off on that. I just- this is all a lot more complicated than I expected it to be. I knew The AM could be kind of ineffective, but I didn’t expect them to be evil. Atypicals never scared me before, so I just want to make sure I know what I’m getting into with these people.

Dream Agent Green: Very well.

Rose: You’re coming?

Dream Agent Green: You like having me around when it comes to other atypicals - your family excluded, of course. I think it makes you feel comfortable to have an atypical authority to bounce your thoughts off of. 

Rose: Don’t psychoanalyze me.

Dream Agent Green: That’s all you do in here. 

Rose: Yeah, well I don't like when it’s turned on myself. 

Dream Agent Green: It’s you doing it. 

Rose: Yeah, well, it's just weird hearing it said out loud. Okay, are you ready? Let’s see what we can see. 

Dream Agent Green: Though the looking glass we go-

Rose: Oh, hush up. 

[sfx: dream transition]

Sam: I don’t know what you think you’re seeing but that’s totally crooked—

Dream Mark: No it’s not! Okay, it is. It’s artistic? 

Sam: Okay, you stand back this time and I’ll hang it—

Dream Mark: Are we sure about this color?

Sam: Oh no, don’t tell me you’re changing your mind about the paint again

Dream Mark: I don’t know, I’m beginning to think the salmon might have been the better call—

Sam: You’re going to want to change the walls every three months aren’t you?

Dream Mark: Hey, this is what you signed up for when you agreed to move in with me. 

Sam: I don’t think that’s totally fair. You failed to inform me that you had such strong interior design opinions . I wasn’t expecting someone so high-maintenance—

Dream Mark: Oh man, I really had you fooled didn’t I? Made you think I was a totally chill guy who wouldn’t spend four hours staring at paint swatches. 

Sam: How could I have been so naive? Guess I’m just stuck with you now…

Rose: Ooh, I think Mark just fell asleep.

Dream Agent Green: He looks pretty awake to me. 

Dream Mark: I mean, I can leave, if you want—

Sam: Oh no, that’s alright, I’ll muddle through somehow— 

Rose: No, the real Mark. 

Dream Agent Green: Is this not—

Dream Mark: It’s a  hardship, I know—

Rose: This is Sam’s dream I’m pretty sure.

Sam: But someone has to do it. I’m willing to make this sacrifice for humanity—

Rose: See how Sam is just a little more put together than normal? No bags under her eyes? Perfect hair? 

Dream Mark: That’s very magnanimous of you—

Dream Agent Green: Yes…

Sam: I’m really quite extraordinary—

Rose: Everyone has dream versions of ourselves. 

Dream Mark: That you are.

Dream Agent Green: Is that why you’re two inches taller?

Rose: This is why no one likes you. It’s nice though - Mark looks exactly the same. 

Dream Agent Green: And that means…

Rose: She doesn’t want him to be anyone else. That’s love, I guess.

Dream Agent Green: You’re nineteen, you know everything about the world?

Rose: This world at least. Come on, let’s go pop into Mark’s head—

[sfx: dream transition]

Dream Agent Green: Wow. Where are we?

Rose: I don’t know. Could be a real place, could be something made up in Mark’s brain. Could be a little bit of both. God, look at all that green. 

Dream Agent Green: Wonderful. 

Mark: Come on, Joanie, just one picture. 

Dream Dr. Bright: I thought we were past this particularly annoying stage of your life. 

Mark: I’m a professional photographer, this stage is the whole thing. 

Dream Dr. Bright: I meant the stage where you make me the subject. 

Dream Sam: Just get in here, Joan, then maybe we can finally eat. 

Mark: Hey, you’re going to be thanking me for this fifty years from now. We’ll all be sitting out on the porch, looking at photo albums and you’re going to say, “gosh, that was such a nice day we had, I’m sure glad that Mark insisted on taking pictures so that we can remember that day and what we used to look like and how windy it was”. 

Dream Sam: Do people even have photo albums anymore?

Mark: Just shut up and smile, you. 

[sfx: camera click]

Dream Dr. Bright: Are we done?

Mark: You can’t rush the artistic process, Joanie. 

Dream Sam: It’s a good thing he’s so cute, isn’t it?

Dream Dr. Bright: You really could do so much better, Sam. 

Mark: Hey! I heard that. 

Dream Dr. Bright: I know.

Mark: I think I’m a catch.

Sam: You are. 

Mark: See? Sam agrees. That’s all that matters. 

Rose: Okay, this is sweet, but we still have at least one more person to check on—

[sfx: dream transition]

[sfx: football game]

[sfx: dream transition]

Rose: God, I nearly got run over—

Dream Agent Green: No you didn’t, they would have gone right through you. 

Rose: Excuse me for reacting to a herd of football players barreling towards me. God, I think we'll leave Caleb be for a bit, I think. 

Dream Agent Green: Not a football fan?

Rose: Not if I’m in the game, no.

Dream Agent Green: Alright, well, that’s everyone right? Should we just…wake up now?

Rose: Nah, let’s hang around. You know how fast dreams can change - maybe something interesting will happen. Or maybe someone else will fall asleep. 

Dream Agent Green: You mean Dr. Bright, don’t you?

Rose: I’m just curious about her. Anyone in my position would be. 

Dream Agent Green: Sure, sure. I wouldn’t count on it, though. She knows what you can do - I don’t think she’d put herself in that position. 

Rose: Everyone here knows what I can do. 

Dream Agent Green: True. But do you really think Dr. Bright would let her guard down?

Rose: I guess not. Still, we could...

Dream Agent Green: I thought you said you weren’t going into waking brains anymore. It’s not like you ever learn that much anyway - subconsciouses are messy. 

Rose: I know. But I bet Dr. Bright’s isn’t.

Dream Agent Green: Rose, we are not—

[sfx: dream transition]

[sfx: inside Dr. Bright's subconscious]

Dr. Bright (overlapping): 

Mark is barely keeping it together...
Wadsworth is up to something but what now...
She'll never stop, she'll never stop until she gets what she wants...
I have to find more patients, separate from The AM...
Mom and Dad will never come around, they don't want to...
I'm not sure Sam is approaching this the right way...
Or even capable of approaching this the right way...
You could be better...

[sfx: dream transition]

Rose: Jeez, what on earth—

Dream Agent Green: Guess you were wrong about her subconscious not being messy. 

Rose: Yeah, no kidding. God, I never would have guessed that she’s dealing with that much anxiety all the time. 

Dream Agent Green: After all this time, how are you still surprised by what goes on in people’s heads? You know it’s usually pretty different than what they present on the surface. 

Rose: Yeah, I know but still. That was rough. 

Dream Agent Green: Are you ready to leave now?

Rose: No, come on, one more round. 

Dream Agent Green: Rose, I really think—

[sfx: dream transition]

Dream Agent Green: Is this Sam’s dream again?

Rose: I think so.

Dream Agent Green: Is it just me, or did it get a lot darker in here?

Sam: Mark? Joan? Is anyone here?

Dream Agent Green: I don’t understand, what happened?

Rose: The dream changed. 

Sam: Mark?

Rose: Don’t give me that look, it's not like I want anyone to have a nightmare or anything. 

Dream Agent Green: Is that what this is?

Rose: It’s beginning to feel like it.

Sam: Mark? Where are you? 

Dream Agent Green: Well, then do something. Isn’t that the whole point? Make new thoughts? Bring Mark back.

Rose: I don’t know how. I don’t know Mark well enough to make a dream version of him for Sam. And I don’t really know Sam well enough to know what she’d find comforting. This may not have been a well thought out plan after all. 

Dream Agent Green: You think?

Sam: Mark? Why aren’t you answering? Mark?

Rose: No, keep looking Sam, I’m sure you’ll find him. 

Dream Agent Green: She can’t hear you. 

Rose: I know. But I don’t get why she’s stopped and why everything’s gone all grey. 

Sam: Please, talk to me. 

Dream Agent Green: Can you bring the color back?

Rose: What, like Wizard of Oz? No. I don’t think I can. 

Sam: Mark?

Dream Agent Green: Do something.  

Rose: I don’t know what to do, I don’t get why she’s giving up.

Dream Agent Green: This silence is freaking me out. Let’s go somewhere else. 

Rose: No, not yet. Maybe…

[sfx: music starts]

Rose: There.  Maybe that will—

[sfx: Sam's time travel whoosh]

Rose: Whoa—

Dream Agent Green: Did Sam just—

Rose: No, I don’t think so. Not for real. We’re still at the house. Just the dream changed. 

Dream Agent Green: Is this the same place that Mark’s dream?

Sam (singing):

I never dreamed
I never hoped
There never was the time

I never dared
I never tried
To yearn for something
That never could be mine

It never will be mine

It’s about survival, Sam
Never let down your guard
It’s about persistence, Sam
Keep your eye on the horizon

Don’t be foolish
That’s what I’d say
Don’t go fooling yourself
You can’t be like everyone else

The impossible happens every day
No matter what you do it won’t go away
Don’t ask for more
But then what are you waiting for

I never thought
I never dreamed
I’d meet someone like you

I never dared
You’d look my way
And I’d be a fool
To believe you’d stay

I don’t believe you’ll stay

But you persisted, Mark
And I tried to keep you safe from harm
And you survived it, Mark
To fall straight into my arms

Don’t be foolish
This feeling won’t last
Don’t go fooling yourself
He’s just like everyone else
He’ll soon be in your past

The impossible happens every day
No matter what you do it won’t go away
Don’t ask for more
But then what is he waiting for?

Why does he stay?
How has he not run away?
With what he knows
How can this be what he chose?

He makes me want to be foolish
He makes me want to believe
But how can I know
That he won’t go
And make a fool out of me?

The impossible happens every day
I can never make it go away
No matter what I ask for

I’m tired of waiting
I’m tired of hiding
I’m tired of wanting

So while I may never be sure
I’m ready to ask for more

Dream Agent Green: Did you do that?

Rose: Do what?

Dream Agent Green: Make her sing?

Rose: I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe my dream is bleeding into hers a bit. Or maybe I carried it with me. The music. 

Dream Agent Green: We could have so much fun with this. 

Rose: See? Now you’re getting the idea. 

Dream Agent Green: Though, it doesn't look like Sam’s having any fun. 

Rose: No, it doesn’t look like she is. 

Dream Agent Green: This is the same place that Mark: was dreaming about, isn’t it? It must be a real place. Somewhere important to them. 

Rose: Whatever it is, it’s beautiful. Just look at those stars. 

Dream Agent Green: Do we think it’s a good memory or a bad one? Mark seemed to be happy here but Sam…

Rose: I’m not sure. I think Sam was hoping to find Mark here maybe? I mean, can you feel that? The longing?

Dream Agent Green: Yes. But he’s right here. I mean, in the real world. He’s right next to her.

Rose: I know. I don’t get it. Sam and Mark seem solid. 

Dream Agent Green: Surface versus what lies beneath, Rose. They do not always match up.

Rose: But god, if they can’t make it work - two atypicals who can actually share an ability - how do I have any hope?

Dream Agent Green: Maybe it’s harder with two atypicals. 

Rose: Mom and dad make it work. 

Dream Agent Green: Then maybe it’s just hard because of who they are. Sam clearly has some serious abandonment issues. 

Rose: Don’t be rude about it. She was technically orphaned. 

Dream Agent Green: Oh. Right. But hey, Caleb and Adam seem to make it work. One atypical, one non-atypical. They seem happy. 

Rose: True. 

[sfx: dream transition]

Dream Agent Green: Jeez, warn a guy first. 

Rose: I didn’t really do it on purpose. I was just thinking about Caleb and sort of slipped. 

Dream Agent Green: Looks like they won. 

Dream Adam: Hey Michaels! Good game. 

Caleb: Adam! You came. 

Dream Adam: Of course I came. You know me, I love a good sports game. 

Caleb: It’s okay, you can admit that you just like seeing me in my uniform. 

Teammate: Yo, good game, Michaels.

Dream Adam: Clearly, I'm not the only one. 

Caleb: It doesn’t bother you, does it?

Dream Adam: Nah. I think it’s nice you have all these adoring fans. 

Caleb: Dork. 

Dream Adam: Meathead. 

Caleb: Soon, this’ll be you. You’re gonna be so popular at Yale — king of the dorks. 

Dream Adam: Yeah, well, you’ll be off using your superpower on whole different group of people, changing the world and all that.

Caleb: Whatever. Come on, let’s get out of here. 

Dream Adam: You don’t want to celebrate with the team?

Caleb: Nah, who needs other people when I’ve got you? What? Why are you smiling?

Dream Adam: It’s just— you keep surprising me, is all. 

Caleb: Nope, I’m pretty sure that’s your job.  I can never keep up.


You’re a puzzle, a painting
A Shakespeare play
I understand you half the time

Whatever’s going on
Inside your head
I know your heart and that thing’s mine

Adam (singing):

You’re the only one who’s
Two steps ahead
You always keep me on my toes

Caleb: Well, that's 'cause you're short.

Adam (singing):

You’re always there with me
At my highest highs
And you don’t run away when I hit my lows

Both (singing):

We’ll be together
Hand in hand
Just you and me against the world

Just you and me
Standing together
No matter what the future holds

Rose: See? Some people are having fun.

Dream Agent Green: Yeah, for now…

Adam (singing):

Things are better when
There’s no one else
Things are clear when we’re alone

We could run away and
Leave this all behind
You got my heart, you got my soul

Caleb (singing):

“Running away, let’s do it” 
You keep me sane
Let’s get away from all this din

Adam: That's a fancy word—

Caleb: Shut up.
And with you by my side
To keep me green
I can’t do anything but win

Both (singing):

We’ll be together
Hand in hand
Just you and me against the world

Just you and me
Standing together
No matter what the future holds
No matter what the future holds

Caleb: No, wait, wait, stop. I can’t go there yet. 

Adam: What are you talking about?

Caleb: The future, I— I can’t. I can't promise that. I don’t how to give you the future you need.


You need puzzles, and paintings
And Shakespeare plays
I can’t be all of that for you

When it’s just you and me
And no one else
You don’t see all that I can’t do

Adam (singing):

You’re two steps ahead
And always out of sync
A different wavelength
From the world

You’re special
And I’m me
I’ll never understand
What it’s like to be you

Caleb/Adam (singing):

It’s/I’m just me

Both (singing):

Something different altogether
And you live in a different world

Just you and me
Each a separate entity
No matter how tightly we hold
No matter how tightly we hold

[sfx: stadium lights turning off]

Dream Agent Green: Is it just me or did that not seem like Dream Adam towards the end there.

Rose: Yeah, it felt different. But I’m not even sure Adam's asleep. And is it possible for two people to share a dream? 

Dream Agent Green: You’re currently bouncing from head to head watching people’s sleeping brains burst into song. Anything’s possible. 

Rose: God, are any of these people happy?

Dream Agent Green: You’re the one who wanted to learn their deep, dark secrets. 

Rose: I didn’t say that. I said I wanted to get to know them. 

Dream Agent Green: Well, what were you expecting, Rose? All humans have their issues. 

Rose: I guess. Just, despite all the drama, they seemed to have it together as a group. Like they knew what they’re doing. 

Dream Agent Green: Does anybody ever know what they’re doing?

Rose: Yes, thank you for the platitudes. Super helpful. 

Dream Agent Green: I’m serious. You don’t know what you’re doing. 

Rose: Sure I do. 

Dream Agent Green: You’re currently poking around in the most vulnerable parts of peoples’ brains. People that don’t know you all that well and definitely didn’t invite you in here. 

Rose: What’s your point? I know that. I know what I’m doing. 

Dream Agent Green: And clearly you’re not at all conflicted about it, based on the morally grey figure in your life acting as your dream guide and making you confront uncomfortable truths about yourself. 

Rose: Sarcasm is a very bad look on you. 

Dream Agent Green: Rose, we’re not even helping. The dreams keep changing to something worse. 

Rose: But maybe it will help. Maybe they need to confront some uncomfortable truths about themselves. Sam is apparently hiding a lot of her feelings from Mark—

Dream Agent Green: How do you know that? You’re not inside their relationship—

Rose: And Caleb and Adam clearly need to talk about how scared they are to graduate and be on their own. Maybe singing it all out in their dreams will make them talk about it in real life. 

Dream Agent Green: Heavy on the maybe. How many people do you know that pay that close attention to their dreams?

Rose: Okay, normal people, maybe not. But these aren’t normal people. And they know what I can do. Maybe they’ll put two and two together. 

Dream Agent Green: And their first reaction won’t be to accuse you of sticking your head where it doesn’t belong?

Rose: I’m done having this conversation with you. 

[sfx: dream transition]

Dream Agent Green: You can't hide from me in Mark's dream, Rose. I go where you go. 

Rose: No you don’t. This is my world, I get to choose who I share it with. 

Dream Agent Green: This isn’t just your world, you’re in other peoples’ hea—

[sfx: Dream Agent Green vanishing]

Rose: That’s better.

Dream Dr. Bright: Would you just hurry up?

Mark: Would you just be a little patient? I’m making sure the framing is perfect.

Dream Sam: Put it on self-timer so you can get in here too. 

Mark: In a minute. I want to get a few shots without my face sullying the picture. 

Dream Dr. Bright: False modesty isn’t a look you can pull off, Mark. 

Mark: Shut up and smile, Joanie. 

[sfx: camera click]

Mark: That’s great. Okay, just a few more

Dream Dr. Bright: Just get in here already. 

Mark: Okay, okay. 

[sfx: camera cracking]

Mark: What? What happened?

Dream Sam: What did you do?

Mark: I didn’t do anything, it just cracked. 

Dream Sam: You broke it. 

Mark: No, I didn’t—

Dream Dr. Bright: You always break everything. 

Mark: No, wait, it wasn’t—

Dream Sam: You broke it, Mark. 

Dream Dr. Bright: You’re broken, Mark.

Mark: Stop, what are you talking about?

Dream Sam: I have too many broken things already. I don’t need one more. 

[sfx: Sam's time travel whoosh]

Mark: No, Sam, wait— She always leaves. Why does she always leave me here?

Dream Dr. Bright: Because you’re barely a person, Mark. You’re just an echo of a memory. 

Mark: No, no, I’m not. I’m a full person. 

Dream Dr. Bright: You don’t even have your own power. You’re only what other people make you. 

Mark: No, I’m my own person. I’m solid and I’m not here anymore. I’m not in England. I’m not stuck. 

Dream Dr. Bright: It was better when you were stuck. You came back broken. 

Mark: Stop, Joanie. Just stop. 

Dream Dr. Bright: You’re such a disappointment. I gave up everything for you and look at what I have now. 

Mark: You have me. I’m back and I’m me. I might not be the me you remember, but I’m still your little brother. 

Dream Dr. Bright: It’s not good enough. 

Mark: It has to be. If you just stopped trying to fix everything, we’d be okay. Not everything can be problem-solved. 

Dream Dr. Bright: You’re wrong. You could at least try. 

Mark: I do! 


I tried
I tried so hard
To be better for you

And you try
You always try
But there’s nothing you can do

And it’s okay
I’ll find my way
But I need you
I need you
To let me be

You’ve always been there
To put me on my feet
Time and time again

But I fell down and I broke my crown
I was alone
Where you could not follow

Now I’m shattered in pieces
With missing bits
A shell of who I was
A jigsaw puzzle where nothing fits

And my sister
My girlfriend
And all of our friends
Could never put me together again

I look in the mirror
And don’t recognize me
I shy away
From what I’ve become

When I look through your eyes
I see all I could be
But I fear that
That me is long gone

Now I’m shattered in pieces
With missing bits
A farce of who I was
A jigsaw puzzle where nothing fits

And my sister
My girlfriend
And all of our friends
Could never put me together again

I was stuck in the dark for so long
I thought that I
Would never see the day

When I finally came into the light
All that I knew had gone away 

Now I’m shattered in pieces
With missing bits
A shade of what I was
A jigsaw puzzle where nothing fits

And you, Joanie
No matter what you do, Joanie
I’ll make it through, Joanie

But you’ll never put me together again

Mark: Joanie, please— (beat) What— Rose?

[sfx: Rose snaps herself out of Mark's dream]

Rose: God, that was…

Dream Agent Green: Regretting poking into people’s heads?

Rose: Shut. Up. 

Dream Agent Green (singing):

It starts
Like any other night
Like any other dream
It pulls you in

You go
Where no one ever goes
And you think you know
What lies within

Rose: I just wanted to know that I could trust them—

Dream Agent Green: All you’ve done is prove that they can’t trust you—

Rose: No, that wasn’t my aim—

Dream Agent Green (singing):

You think
All that matters is your goal
But music bares the soul
And their minds are not a game

And I marvel at
How far you’ve gone
Down this path
And now you’ll have to deal
With the aftermath

Rose (singing): Maybe they won’t know

Dream Agent Green: You should go. 

[music & credits]

Lauren Shippen: Episode 50 was written and directed by Lauren Shippen and recorded and produced by Evan Cunningham and Mischa Stanton. Music and lyrics by Evan Cunningham and Lauren Shippen, with scoring and orchestrations by Evan Cunningham. The episode was sound designed by Mischa Stanton. In this episode, you heard the voices of Alanna Fox as Rose, Ian McQuown as Agent Green, Lauren Shippen as Sam, Andrew Nowak as Mark, Julia Morizawa as Dr. Bright, Briggon Snow as Caleb, and Alex Gallner as Adam. We’d love to thank all of our musicians: Megan Shung Smith and Yu-Ting Wu on violin, Dmitri Yevstifeev on viola, Mikala Schmitz on cello, Alex Stralee on guitar, and Evan Cunningham on everything else. We’d also like to thank Jon Sams for documenting the process of making this episode, and Ilyssa Adler, Paul Richards, David Charles Abell, Seann Alderking, Elizabeth and Matthew Harrington, Betsy Laird, Ellen Winter, and Chris Littler for all of their various advice and encouragements. And a special thanks to Ben Acker for a conversation we had a few years ago that eventually led me to writing this episode. If you’d like to download the songs from this episode, they are available wherever you get your music. If you’d like a free download of all the music as well as original demos, behind the scenes footage, and more, you can become a patron of ours at patreon.com/thebrightsessions. This episode never would have been possible without the people who support us on that platform and we love expanding our strange and unusual family. The Bright Sessions will return on April 4th with Episode 51. Until then, thanks for listening and stay strange.

[sfx: Rose & Mark gasp awake in Sam's living room]

Mark: Did you just…

Rose: I’m— I’m sorry. 

Mark: Where’s Joan?

Rose: What?

Mark: Where's my sister?

Rose: Oh. Oh, I think she’s still in the kitchen. With Adam maybe. 

Mark: So she wasn’t—

Rose: No, no, no. That wasn’t her. Not really. It wasn’t really Sam either.

Mark: Right. Okay. Why me?

Rose: What?

Mark: Why did you go into my dream?

Rose: Oh, um, I was—

Mark: You did it with everyone, didn’t you? Just— you should go.

Rose: I’m sorry.