Episode 32 Transcript

Episode 32 - Damien, 9/23
By lauren shippen

[sfx: iPhone voice memo beep]

[sfx: Damien entering]

Damien: Honey, I’m home! You alright, dude?

Mark: Uh, yeah, yeah, I’m fine. 

Damien: Is that my phone?

Mark: Yeah, you left it. Uh, the alarm started going off so I, you know- anyway, what’re we eating tonight?

[sfx: Marks places phone on table]

Damien: Barbecue. We are finally in a state with good barbecue. 

Mark: Ooh, did you get-

Damien: Cornbread? Obviously, I have met you. 

Mark: Yesssss.

[sfx: take out containers opening]

Mark: Oh man, this smells amazing. 

Damien: Don’t say I never do anything for you. 

Mark: Wouldn’t dream of it. So…how was the outside world today?

Damien: Meh, pretty alright. It’s hot. 

Mark: Ooh, weather, hey, what’s that like?

Damien: I know you’re getting a little cabin fever-y but-

Mark: But it’s best for me to stay out of sight. It’s been almost three months, Damien. I think we’re probably safe. 

Damien: Do you want to be taken back to that place? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Better safe than sorry. 

Mark: Why do I have the feeling you’ve never said that expression before in your life. We’ve been playing it safe for a while and pretty soon I’m going to go nuts here from being cooped up like this. 

Damien: Well, I want you to stay inside during the day so that’s what’s going to happen. 

Mark: Yeah, I don’t need to be reminded, thanks. Did you ever consider that maybe the guy who spent four years in captivity wouldn’t want to be held hostage anymore?

Damien: Oh please, you’re not being held hostage. I’m helping you. 

Mark: What’s the end game here? How long could we possibly keep doing this?

Damien: Considering we’re not paying for these rooms or the food? Forever, probably. 

Mark: God, you’re such an asshat sometimes. 

Damien: What? You gonna complain about free room and board?

Mark: I haven’t paid for rent since 2011. Doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. 

Damien: Once you get better, we can figure out what the next step is. 

Mark: And by “get better” you mean get my power back, right? Because I am better in every other sense. I’ve gained weight, I can walk more than the length of a hallway now, the nightmares are…well, I mean, they’re not every night anymore, are they? If my power was going come back, it would have. 

Damien: But you said yourself that they couldn’t have taken it from you! 

Mark: Then maybe it just doesn’t work with you!

Damien: Do you think that’s possible?

Mark: I don’t know, maybe. The point is, we need to go back home. I need to talk to my sister and find Sam and try to figure this out. 

Damien: No. Not yet. 

Mark: Damien-

Damien: You just need to get through whatever mental block you’ve got going on. Figure out how to access your ability. You can do it, I know you can. 

Mark: Your belief in me is really nice, Damien, but I need to talk to Joan. You need to let me go talk to her. 

Damien: I don’t want you to. So you can’t. 

Mark: Damien, I swear to god, if you just-

Damien: We can figure this out on our own.  What does it feel like? Tapping into someone else’s power?

Mark: What?

Damien: Come on, we haven’t really talked about your how your power actually works. Maybe if you talk about it…what? It’s worth a try. 

Mark: Fine. Um…I don’t know…it’s different for each person. Every person’s mind feels different to you, yeah? It’s like that, except…physical. If I’m near a pyrokinetic, I’ll start to feel hot, if someone's with an invisibility power, I’ll get all tingly - that kind of stuff. It’s like my body has an atypical proximity alarm. 

Damien: Do you feel anything around me?

Mark: Eh, well, it’s hard to tell. I feel your power - you wanting something and it becoming my own but…I don’t know if there’s something else that I can’t feel. Some way to get hold of your power for myself. 

Damien: But I would still be able to use my ability around you right? You don’t, like, take it from me?

Mark: Yeah, chill. I’m not going to steal your mind control superpower. 

Damien: It’s not mind control. 

Mark: What?

Damien: It’s not mind control. Your sister was always adamant about that. 

Mark: Why do you always call her that?

Damien: What?

Mark: Joanie. You always call her “my sister”. 

Damien: No I don’t. 

Mark: Yes, you do. I mean, sometimes you call her Dr. B., but you never call her Joan. Or Dr. Bryant. 

Damien: …and that bothers you?

Mark: It’s a little weird, isn’t it? What do you call her face-to-face?

Damien: Dr. B. usually. 

Mark: Really? Doesn’t she hate that?

Damien: Yeah. But she likes it better than me calling her Joan. I tried that for a while and she was, uh, not pleased. And calling her “Dr. Bright” was too damn stuffy-

Mark: What did you say?

Damien: Uh, I just meant saying Dr. B was just more-

Mark: You called her Dr. Bright. 

Damien: No I didn’t. 

Mark: Do you think I’m a complete idiot? I know I’ve been a bit slow - I mean, I have been recovering from two years spent horizontal and unconscious - but I haven’t completely lost my ability for critical thinking. 

Damien: Mark-

Mark: Dr. Bright is my sister. My sister, your therapist, and Sam’s doctor are all the same person. And it makes sense, Joan would have changed her name after leaving The AM- 

Damien: Actually, Dr. Bright was the name The AM gave her. I was surprised you didn’t remember that from when she got fired. 

Mark: They never referred to her by name. Just “that doctor”. Most of what I heard about it was from Charlie and I think he was kind of afraid to talk about her directly. As if they had some sort of alarm system that would go off if you said her name out loud-

Damien: Well, you never know-

Mark: How do you know that’s her AM name anyway? Is that another thing you dragged out of her? Did you make her talk about The AM like you’ve made me?

Damien: Mark, just-

Mark: Jesus, for once in your life, shut up. And stop wanting me to not be mad at you. You’re not powerful enough to make that happen. 

Damien: Fuck you. 

Mark: Oh my god, why do you insist on being such a dick! What was the plan, Damien? Did you really think I wasn’t going to find out?

Damien: Yeah, how did you find out?

Mark: Well, like I said, I’m not an idiot, I guessed it a while ago, and oh, whoops, you also left your phone here and you’ve got appointments with Dr. Bright in your fucking iCal. 

Damien: You looked through my phone?

Mark: Do you really think you can be indignant about this?

Damien: It’s password protected!

Mark: Oh my god, we’ve been sharing a room for three months, I’ve been able to divine your iPhone password. You also seem to have my sister’s office, cell, and home number, which I know she would never give out to a patient- 

Damien: Please, please, tell me you didn’t call-

Mark: Of course I fucking called, Damien. I would have kept calling if you hadn’t come back. 

Damien: What did she say?

Mark: Lucky for you, I got her machine - on which, by the way, she calls herself “Dr. Bright”, so I guess you've only got her work cell, which is a small mercy. And yep, thanks to you, the first contact I’ve had with my sister in four and a half years is leaving a fucking voicemail for her. 

Damien: What did you tell her?

Mark: Nope, you don’t get to know that. You’ve lost your sharing privileges. 

Damien: Mark-

Mark: Stop it! Stop using your ability on me, you absolute- (groans) I told her the truth. I told her that I’m with you and I’m safe and I would have told her where we are if I hadn’t slept through the last part of the drive and had any fucking clue, and that I missed her and I know that she was the one who saved me, along with Sam-

Damien: No, I saved you. I’m the one that risked my life walking into that place and I’m the one that carried you out-

Mark: Risked your life? Damien, you’ve never risked anything. You stay in your little world where you get everything you want and you never have to worry about anyone else-

Damien: I worry about you. You could be part of that world, I’ve been trying to get you to-

Mark: You’ve been trying to get me to be your minion, your sidekick. If you actually wanted a friend - an equal - in this, you would fucking tell me the truth about things.

Damien: You know more about me than anyone- 

Mark: I didn’t even know your real name!

Damien: How.

Mark: There’s a lot you can find out from someone’s phone. 

Damien: Jesus-

Mark: It looks like you didn’t even bother to legally change it- 

Damien: Why would I? People call me what I want them to call me. 

Mark: Of course. God, I can’t believe I’ve stayed with you for this long. 

Damien: Then leave! You don’t want my help? Fine. 

Mark: I can’t leave, Damien, because you want me to stay. 

Damien: You know what, Mark, no I don’t. You want to go running to your big sister, you be my guest. 

Mark: It doesn’t work like that, you know that-

Damien: It works how I say it works-

Mark: You have to mean it! What do you want from me? Why do you want me to stay so badly?

Damien: If I hadn’t lied to you - if I’d told you upfront that your sister roped me into to helping you escape and I…deviated from the plan, what would you have done?

Mark: Deviated from the plan? That’s fucking rich. You kidnapped me. 

Damien: What would you have done?

Mark: Well, probably nothing. I mean, I was really weak and I can’t resist your ability even now so…I guess I’d still be here. 

Damien: Exactly. So what would have been the point in telling you the truth? Huh? It would have just upset you. 

Mark: Did you ever consider just, I don’t know, not kidnapping me?

Damien: I needed to see how your ability worked. Dr. Bright would have never let me anywhere near you if I’d handed you over. 

Mark: Handed me over? God, I’m not an asset for you to trade. You sound just like them. 

Damien: Who? The AM? Yeah, I’m nothing like them. I don’t want to experiment on you - I want you to use your power however you want! 

Mark: Which is usually however you want! Oh my god, your lack of self awareness is on a new level. 

Damien: I can’t change who I am. 

Mark: But you can change how you behave. Don’t you get it, Damien? Your power isn’t a blanket excuse. It’s an enabler. You don’t have to lie, you don’t have to manipulate - you choose to use your power this way. But you could use it differently - you could choose to be better.

Damien: Why would I? You think that I need to not use my power as much, that I need to start treating everybody like they’re worth something? What does that get me? Not all of us can be lovable boy scouts, Mark. Not all of us want to be. 

Mark: You don’t have to behave like such a sociopath. 

Damien: Boy, you and Dr. B really are related. Both narrow minded, sanctimonious- 

Mark: I’m just looking for a little decency in you, Damien. Forgive me for actually trying to like you. I know nobody’s ever made the attempt before. 

Damien: So why bother?

Mark: Because I’m stuck with you. You want a Robin to your Batman or however the fuck you’re thinking about it and so here I am. I’m not going anywhere, apparently, unless you want me to, so I’m trying to make this bearable for myself. 

Damien: I thought we were having an okay time. We’ve been, you know, bonding. 

Mark: Is that what you think we’ve doing? I’ve been detailing every atypical ability I’ve ever encountered over greasy take-out. 

Damien: That’s not bonding to you?

Mark: I’m more than my ability, Damien. I have other interests. 

Damien: Okay. Okay, fine, we can talk about your other interests. Jesus, I didn’t realize there was a manual on how to be Mark Bryant’s friend…

Mark: Do you even remember what I asked for two and a half months ago? One of the only requests I’ve ever made. I asked if you could get me a camera. So that I could keep myself entertained during the day and take pictures when I go walking around at night. But you didn’t want to have your picture taken. Which, of course, I never said I was going to do. But because there was the slightest possibility of inconvenience for you, you didn’t do it. I know you haven’t had a lot of people in your life, Damien, but you’re an adult. You’re smart. Figure out how to be a fucking human being. 

Damien: Robert. 

Mark: What?

Damien: You wanted to know my real name? Robert. 

Mark: Oh. As in, Rob? Or Bob? Or do you go by the full thing?

Damien: Just- keep calling me Damien. 

Mark: Okay. 

Damien: So? Is that…are we good?

Mark: Are we good? No, we're not good- because you shared a tiny sliver of basic personal information? No, Damien, we’re not good. God, you’re unbelievable. It’s not that simple.

Damien: What do you want me to do?

Mark: I want you to have not kidnapped me and screwed over my sister and tried to make me think I fell for an imaginary woman and then lied about all of it. Can you do anything about that?

Damien: To be fair, you also thought that Sam was imaginary for a bit and I genuinely know nothing about her so I don’t think you can really put that one on me. 

Mark: Oh my god, I am so sick of people lying to me and fucking gas-lighting me - you can’t just worm your way out of the truth whenever you want. Jeez, this is exactly like The AM- Director Wadsworth was always trying to convince me of things that weren’t true. When I was resistant, she would tell me that if I didn’t exercise my power, it would rot me from the inside out,

Damien: Mark-

Mark: -that I had to use it for them, for their experiments. And even though I know that isn’t true, sometimes I still feel like my insides are gonna spill out through the top of my head-

Damien: Mark, just calm down-

Mark: And here you are, telling me you don’t know who Sam is and I don’t know if I should believe you because maybe it’s just another lie and you do know her and you hurt her to get to me and this entire time I’ve just been sitting here-

Damien: Mark, I promise I’m not lying about Sam, but you need to calm down, something’s not right-

Mark: Damien, if you don’t shut up and start listening to me and what I want, I swear- you need to start telling me one hundred percent of the truth, or I will knock you out and drag you home by your shoelaces. 

Damien: Mark, please, just sit-

Mark: Don’t touch me-

[sfx: loud thud]

Mark: Hey, Damien? What are you doing?

[sfx: Mark kneels]

Mark: Damien? Damien, this isn’t funny. Wake up. Damien. Fuck. Damien. Damien

Damien: What happened?

Mark: I don’t know, I pushed you away and you just collapsed. Are you okay?

Damien: I feel weird. 

Mark: What happened?

[sfx: both sit on bed]

Damien: You were shouting and something was wrong-

Mark: Yeah, I’m pissed off. 

Damien: No, your mind…it was doing something funny. 

Mark: What do you mean?

Damien: It felt different. I wanted you to calm down but you wouldn’t - your mind started pushing back and, uh, it hurt. 

Mark: How does my mind feel now?

Damien: Well, um,…I can’t feel it really. I don’t think you want me in there. That hurts my feelings.

Mark: What? Oh boy. 

Damien: What. 

Mark: Yep, yeah, I see what you mean. You definitely feel different too. 

Damien: How?

Mark: Let me try something. 

[sfx: Mark leaving motel room and coming back in]

Mark: I can leave. 

Damien: What?

Mark: Do you still want me to stay?

Damien: I want you to want to stay. And I want to tell you the truth. Wait, what?

Mark: Oh fuck. 

Damien: Mark, what is going on?

Mark: When I left, did you want to follow me?

Damien: No. 

Mark: Okay, uhhhh, we’ve got a bit of a good news, bad news situation going on here. Good news: I’m ninety-eight percent sure I’ve got my power back. 

Damien: That’s amazing.

Mark: Well…there’s still the bad news. Um…I think I may have hijacked your power a little. 

Damien: Huh?

Mark: Yeah, so I can’t feel your want anymore. But you’re being really honest with me with minimal snark, which is something I’ve been desperately wanting…so…also I can feel it. Your power. You were right, this is…unique. I feel like I’m wearing your brain as a hat a little bit. 

Damien: That’s creepy. 

Mark: Yeah, yeah, sorry, I’m processing. 

Damien: I don’t like this. I don’t like how this feels. 

Mark: How does it feel?

Damien: Lonely. 

Mark: Ooh, yeah, okay, so this has sort of happened before. Sometimes when I would flex my ability around telepaths, I would just end up yanking out their thoughts and then sort of shouting into their heads? Like, they wouldn’t be able to go into my head until things kind of balanced out. 

Damien: So this will balance out?

Mark: Uh, I don’t know, Damien. This is new territory. And I clearly had a lot of stuff that built up that just kind of…exploded out. Why aren’t you freaking out?

Damien: I don’t know. 

Mark: You’re weirding me out. You’re so blank faced and calm. Of course, because I want you to be calm, so you are. Is this what it’s like for you all the time? People just behaving how you want them to without you even thinking about it?  Oh my god, say something. 

Damien: Please don’t leave. 

Mark: What?

Damien: I don’t feel right. Please don’t leave. 

Mark: God…don’t worry. I’m not gonna leave you. Not in this state. 

Damien: Is there something wrong with me?

Mark: There’s always been something wrong with you- sorry. Yeah, Damien, something’s wrong. And I’m sorry to do this, because it’s a shitty thing to do, but you did it first. We’re leaving. This time, on my terms. 

Damien: Where are we going?

Mark: To see my sister. 

Damien: I don’t want to do that. 

Mark: You know what, Damien? For the first time, what you want doesn’t matter. 

[sfx: iPhone memo beep]

[music & credits]

Lauren Shippen: Episode 32 was written and directed by Lauren Shippen, and produced by Mischa Stanton. The voice of Damien is Charlie Ian. The voice of Mark is Andrew Nowak. Our music is composed and performed by Evan Cunningham. For more information about the show, special bonus content, and official merchandise, please visit our website at thebrightsessions.com. You can also like us on Facebook, follow us on tumblr, and on twitter @brightpodcast. The Bright Sessions would like to thank Elizabeth Laird, Anna Lore, Elizabeth and Matthew Harrington, Ken Hertz, Ilyssa Adler, Oswaldo Rossi, and Authentic. The Bright Sessions will be taking a hiatus in February and will return on March 1st with Episode 33. Until then, thanks for listening and stay strange.