Episode 19 Transcript

19 - ID 46942 - log 426
By Lauren Shippen

[sfx: beep of recorder]

Agent Green: This is Agent Green, ID number 46942, personal log, week 426. This marks the end of my second week of quarterly check-ins with our outside assets. Most were reporting normally and there have only been 6 new patients this quarter across the board. Asset 17 is recommending one of their patients for our Tier 1 program. It is a young patient with super-strength and her parents are concerned about the child accidentally hurting herself or her siblings. I will be asking Tier 1 if they have availability and if so, I will be recommending her for the two week program. That should be enough to help her settle into her powers without making her miss too much school. 

Other than that, business proceeds as usual. I need to follow up with Asset 43 about two of her patients - a Class D that I failed to get details on and a Class E that I want more information on. It is unlike Asset 43 to mis-categorize a patient so I am not convinced that this subject is a psychic as she claims. It doesn't fit into the Class E category. I’m not sure why I didn’t catch it before but I tend to get distracted during those meetings. 

[sfx: phone ringing]

Agent Green: Agent Green speaking. 

Dr. Bright: (over the phone) Agent Green. It’s Dr. Bright. 

Agent Green: Joan! I mean, Dr. Bright - I was just thinking about you. Uh, I mean, to what do I owe the pleasure of a call? 

Dr. Bright: I wanted to follow up on our meeting last week. 

Agent Green: Wonderful. Wonderful. Goodness, great minds, I was just saying to myself that I needed to follow up on a few things.

Dr. Bright: Still talking to yourself, Green?

Agent Green: Oh, you know, old habits die hard. And if memory serves, you took a shine to that particular habit, didn’t you?

Dr. Bright: Audio notes have their merits. 

Agent Green: Well, don’t say I never gave you anything. 

Dr. Bright: Indeed. Anyway, I called to ask for a favor. 

Agent Green: Oh. Oh, Dr. Bright, I thought we’d addressed this in our meeting-

Dr. Bright: No, it’s not that. It’s about my patient - 12-D-10-9 

Agent Green: Oh, good, they were downgraded. Good.

Dr. Bright: Yes, their control is getting better every day. 

Agent Green: And this is another time traveler, yes? You know I’ll have to alert the higher-ups-

Dr. Bright: No, it's not a time traveler. Space manipulation. They can walk through walls. Possibly a little more. That’s why I’m calling. I was hoping to get any research The AM has about dimensional travel. 

Agent Green: Well, I can’t imagine you need dimensional data for someone who can walk through walls - surely you’d rather look at molecular research?

Dr. Bright: Actually, yes, send the molecular data along as well. But I want to look into dimensions for a theory I’m working on. 

Agent Green: Ah, of course. Okay, yes, I will see what I can do. 

Dr. Bright: Thank you, Agent Green. I appreciate that. 

Agent Green: It’s my pleasure. This works best when The AM and its assets are all working together. We want you to have as much information at your disposal as possible. And, in turn, you’ll share your discoveries with me, yes?

Dr. Bright: Of course. 

Agent Green: Okay, so patient twelve has been downgraded to a nine - anything else?

Dr. Bright: Not at the moment. 

Agent Green: Wonderful, wonderful. I did have one question for you however - about your Class E patient. 

Dr. Bright: The astral projection-?

Agent Green: No, the other one. #5-E-3, the psychic? Why did you categorize them as a high risk atypical? 

Dr. Bright: I thought we’d been through this. I’ll change their designation if that would make you happy, Agent Green. 

Agent Green: I just don’t believe that you would assign a psychic as a Class E. Your instincts are so rarely wrong, Dr. Bright. 

Dr. Bright:  Rarely. 

Agent Green: Well, I’d like to take a closer look at his file all the same. 

Dr. Bright: You know I prefer to keep the details of my patient files to myself. Boundaries are important. 

Agent Green: Indeed they are. But I don’t think your basic report is going to cut it this time. You know all Class E’s need to be registered with us. 

Dr. Bright: So you can spy on them. 

Agent Green: It’s for the greater good, Joan. 

Dr. Bright: When has anyone touting that line had good intentions, Green?

Agent Green: You know, there's no need to be so cynical. 

Dr. Bright: No need?

Agent Green: Can we not do this, please? I’m tired of fighting. And I know you must be too. 

Dr. Bright: I’m tired of losing. 

Agent Green: Will you just send all your patient five notes and session recordings over please?

Dr. Bright: I told you, I will change patient five’s designation. They are none of your concern. 

Agent Green: I know when you’re lying, Dr. Bright. Fine. You know we have other ways of getting the information we're looking for. 

Dr. Bright: Are you threatening me?

Agent Green: Well, that depends. Do you want The AM poking around in your computer?

Dr. Bright: I assumed you were already. 

Agent Green: I have convinced them it’s unnecessary. 

Dr. Bright: Well, isn’t that nice. 

Agent Green: Joan. 

Dr. Bright: If I give you the information you want you’ll stay out of my files?

Agent Green: Yes, that’s the idea. 

Dr. Bright: Why should I trust you?

Agent Green: Either way we get the information we want. Wouldn’t it be nicer to cooperate? The lesser of two evils?

Dr. Bright: Oh, so you admit to working for an evil agency, now?

Agent Green: It’s an expression, Joan. 

Dr. Bright: Fine. I’m sending over the files now. But stay out the rest of my patients’ business. Is that clear?

Agent Green: Of course. 

Dr. Bright: I don’t appreciate being strong-armed, Green. 

Agent Green: I know. And I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. So how have you been, Dr. Bright?

[sfx: phone hangs up]

Agent Green: Okay, then. Talk later, I guess. 

[sfx: typing]

Agent Green: Alright-y, patient five, first name Damien, last name unknown. Hmmm…mental manipulation…oh my, well, this is- this is very interesting…

[sfx: time passing; dialing phone]

[sfx: ringing phone]

Damien: (over the phone) Hello?

Agent Green: Hello, may I speak to Damien, please?

Damien: You’ve got him. 

Agent Green: Oh, hello, Damien. How are you today?

Damien: Fine.

Agent Green: Wonderful. My name is Agent Green, I’m with an organization called The AM and I’m calling-

Damien: I’m sorry, you’re what?

Agent Green: I’m calling from a non-profit science organization-

Damien: How did you get this number?

Agent Green: You were referred to us by an independent medical professional-

Damien: No, no, no. No way. She wouldn’t give you my information. 

Agent Green: I’m sorry?

Damien: There’s no way that my “independent medical professional” would ever tell you guys about me.

Agent Green: So you’ve heard of us before?

Damien: You know what? I’d rather not have this conversation over the phone - would you be able to meet with me?

Agent Green: Yes, wonderful, I was just about to suggest that! Why don’t you come into our offices-

Damien: No. No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Let’s do something more casual, okay? Say, coffee? Somewhere public. 

Agent Green: Ah, I’m afraid I can’t do that. 

Damien: Why not?

Agent Green: I think it would be irresponsible of me. 

Damien: My god, she really did tell you about me, didn’t she? You know what I can do? 

Agent Green: Yes. That’s why I’m calling actually- 

Damien: Oh yes, please, what can I do for you, Agent?

Agent Green: Well, you see, we here at The AM specialize in helping people just like you. We have a number of programs that may be of interest to you - private sessions to teach you how to live your life with your ability, seminars discussing the best ways to tell your family and friends, job counseling. We’ll even help you find employment if you have an ability that hinders you from appearing in public. 

Damien: I appear in public just fine, thanks. 

Agent Green: Wonderful. Then perhaps you’d like to come in and partake in some of our other sessions. Many atypicals have found them extremely helpful. 

Damien: I think I’ve got it covered, Agent Green. Dr. B. has me handled. 

Agent Green: Oh, of course. I didn’t mean to imply that Dr. Bright was anything less than a very capable doctor. She is. More than capable. She's exemplary even. 

Damien: That she is. 

Agent Green: But it would still be best for you to come in, Mr.- I’m sorry I don’t actually have a last name in the file here.

Damien: It’s just Damien. 

Agent Green: Very well. It would still be best for you to come in-

Damien: Why?

Agent Green: Well, The AM likes to keep a register of all active atypicals-

Damien: A register? Are you kidding me? 

Agent Green: It’s best for everyone involved if we know who has atypical biology- 

Damien: Why, so you can round us all up whenever you feel like it?

Agent Green: No need to be paranoid Mr. Damien-

Damien: How exactly would being registered with some shady non-profit benefit me?

Agent Green: Have you ever been hospitalized, Mr. Damien? Ever needed any kind of serious medical procedure? No? That’s how you would benefit. Your biology is fundamentally different from everyone else - most medical professionals really wouldn't know what to do with you. Or, worse, they would do something and it would create a terrible chain reaction that could lead to your death. If you’re registered with us, we will get a notification from any hospital that admits you and we will be able to provide the necessary medical information to get you your proper help. When was the last time you had a physical? We can provide healthcare, free mental health counseling - which I take it you are already benefitting from - and dozens of other resources that you can’t find anywhere else. Think of it as being part of an exclusive club. You join, you get perks. You don’t and you take unnecessary risk. You’re a healthy young man right now, Damien, but you will age, like everyone, and mental abilities like yours don’t always hold up in advanced aging - we’ve seen serious deterioration from some of our older patients in your category. Wouldn’t it be best to not have to face that all alone?

Damien: So, it’s join or die, huh?

Agent Green: Well, I wouldn’t put it quite so dramatically, but sure.

Damien: I’m not going to come in. Dr. B doesn’t trust you and I trust her. 

Agent Green: Dr. Bright would want you to do what’s best for your welfare. 

Damien: Dr. Bright wouldn’t like you speaking for her. 

Agent Green: How about we compromise. You don’t have to come in right now, but I’ll call you every week to check in, I'll tell you a little bit more about what we do here and maybe then you can let go of this crazy conspiracy that you and Joan have. 

Damien: Oh, Joan, is it?

Agent Green: I’ve known her much longer than you, Damien.

Damien: I bet I know her better. 

Agent Green: What exactly is the nature of your relationship with Dr. Bright?

Damien: I guess you’ll have to find out on our next call. 

[sfx: phone hanging up]

Agent Green: Well, that didn’t go exactly as planned. Asset 43 has clearly been influencing her patient with her own feelings of our organization. Unfortunate, but probably not her fault. I imagine her sessions with Damien are quite trying. I will mark him down as “contacted but not registered” and call him again next week to begin wearing him down. End of log.

[sfx: beep of a recorder]

[music & credits]

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