Episode 17A Transcript

17A - ID 46942 - Asset 43
By Lauren Shippen

[sfx: beep of recorder]

Dr. Bright: Right. Why don’t we go into my office.

[sfx: door closing]

Agent Green: You don’t mind if I record this, do you?

Dr. Bright: Have I ever? I just wish you would allow me to do the same. 

Agent Green: You understand though, I’m privy to very sensitive information. I can’t have unsecured recordings just floating around. 

Dr. Bright: No, I suppose not. 

Agent Green: Let’s get started, shall we? This is Agent Green on behalf of The AM, ID number 46942, speaking with Dr. Bright, asset number 43. This is our eighth meeting to discuss Dr. Bright’s research and the current status of her patients. How are things going, Dr. Bright?

Dr. Bright: Fine. 

Agent Green: Any particularly important updates on your research?

Dr. Bright: No. 

Agent Green: Okay. Now, from your notes it appears that you have two new patients since I last saw you, correct?

Dr. Bright: Yes. 

Agent Green: And how did you come across these atpyicals?

Dr. Bright: One found me through an ad I placed in the paper and the other was referred to me by another atypical.

Agent Green: Ah yes that’s patient #13? That’s the Turner girl - interesting genetic anomaly there, isn’t it?

Dr. Bright: Well, both she and her mother are class A so there is still genetic precedence. 

Agent Green: True, and genetics don’t always follow a pattern with atypicals, you know that better than anyone. But she displayed rather late. 

Dr. Bright:  As far as we know. It’s possible the ability was dormant - perhaps presenting in the form of an imaginary friend when she was a child or excellent instincts as she grew older. We’ve seen abilities fully bloom in late teens, early twenties like this before. 

Agent Green: Yes, of course. I imagine you have a theory about the relationship between telekinesis and telepathy?

Dr. Bright: I’m working on one. 

Agent Green: Oh, you and your theories. You know, you never bore me, Doctor. 

Dr. Bright: Shall we move on?

Agent Green: Sure. Alright, that takes care of patient #13, so let’s go back to the beginning. Patient #1-A-5- ah yes, the mother, Vanessa Turner. She’s not still seeing you, correct?

Dr. Bright: Correct. She doesn’t need any help with her ability. I would appreciate it if you didn’t refer to my patients by their names. I would like to maintain some semblance of patient confidentiality. 

Agent Green: Of course, of course.  Okay, so no change with patient one. Patient #2-B-4. Right, that was one of ours - a pyrokinetic. How are they doing?

Dr. Bright: Much better. The control slips from time to time but the fires are still quite small so no harm is done. 

Agent Green: Very good. Alright #3-C-2, which one was that again?

Dr. Bright: Weather manipulator. They still can only cause a few raindrops and it seems to be tied quite closely with their mood. But it’s gotten better as they’ve gotten older. 

Agent Green: Isn’t that always the way? Emotions always seem to get easier with age.

Dr. Bright:  Some emotions anyway. Others just get stronger as they are left to stew. 

Agent Green: Right. Okay, #4-A-5, that’s another telekinetic, so unless there have been any changes…? No? Good, moving on. Patient five - that’s a class E? Remind me: why is this one high risk?

Dr. Bright: Um, they’re a psychic. Or, they think they are. I’m constantly trying to handle their delusions of grandeur. Not a danger to society really, just a danger to themselves. 

Agent Green: Ah. Might want to think about re-categorizing them, that’s a bit confusing. 

Dr. Bright: Sure. 

Agent Green: Great. Okay, patient #6-C-1 - oh yes, the shape shifter. One of my favorite abilities. 

Dr. Bright: Shape-shifter might be going too far. They are still in the “changing hair and eye color” phase, but I think there’s a lot of potential there if the patient wants to explore it. 

Agent Green: Well, let me know if they start growing a new face. Those ones are always impossible to log into the system. It’s incredibly difficult to decide on just one photo for them.

Dr. Bright: I imagine. 

Agent Green: Oh, come on, you must remember having to put those subject profiles together. They were such a pain. 

Dr. Bright: Indeed. Moving on - patient #7-B-3, emits electrical impulses at a very low level, trying to apply their power to a clean energy project with very mixed results. Patient #8-C-6, invisibility, a teenage subject so sometimes they just disappear when embarrassed but we’re working on it. Patient #9-A-2, another crackpot psychic-

Agent Green: Whoa, whoa, slow down. No need to speed through these. You’re my last meeting of the day, so don’t rush on my account. 

Dr. Bright: I just want to get through this as quickly as possible. I have other work to do.  

Agent Green: Joan-

Dr. Bright: Don’t call me that. 

Agent Green: Please. Can we just talk for once?

Dr. Bright: Agent Green, you are here on official business so let’s stick to that. 

Agent Green: Very well. Uh, where were we- patient #10 - another class E.

Dr. Bright: A potential class E. Astral projection- right now they can simply move outside their body and observe but it’s possible they may eventually be able to move into other bodies so I’m keeping an eye. 

Agent Green: Excellent. As always, let me know if anything changes. Patient #11-A-7, basic empath, any problems there?

Dr. Bright: None whatsoever. 

Agent Green: Patient #12-D-10- oh. This is a new patient. Class D - that’s time manipulation, correct?

Dr. Bright: And space manipulation. 

Agent Green: Right, I’m sorry, this is a bit of a sore subject for you. 

Dr. Bright: A sore subject?

Agent Green: I just meant- 

Dr. Bright: Yes, it’s a bit of sore subject. Jesus, Green-

Agent Green: I’m sorry, I'm really sorry, I didn’t mean to be glib about it. You know how terrible I feel about everything that happened. 

Dr. Bright: And what a comfort that is. 

Agent Green: Joan-

Dr. Bright: You didn’t even try to do anything. They brought him in and you knew and you didn’t do anything. You didn’t even tell me and by that point we were already- and you just carried on like nothing was different. 

Agent Green: I know, I know. And I know my apologies will never be enough-

Dr. Bright: No, they won’t. 

Agent Green: But we are working to figure it out. To get him awake again- 

Dr. Bright: Even if I believed that were true, what then? 

Agent Green: We’d make good on our promise and release him to you.

Dr. Bright: I don’t believe that for a second. I don’t believe that it was ever The AM’s intention to release Mark to me. 

Agent Green: Of course it was. 

Dr. Bright: Then why not give me custody now? Put him in a normal hospital where I can visit him, talk to him, hold his hand. Why keep him locked up?

Agent Green: Because a normal hospital isn’t equipped to deal with something like that and you know that. 

Dr. Bright: But I am. I could get the proper equipment, monitor him, study his brainwaves, try to come up with a solution. I’m better than half the scientists at The AM. 

Agent Green: I know that but-

Dr. Bright: God, we have this argument every single time and every time you say you’re going to put in a request and then I bring it up again and you just evade. It’s what you’ve always done. Just talk around the issue instead of actually coming up with a solution. That’s what makes you such an excellent bureaucrat.

Agent Green: Dr. Bright-

Dr. Bright: Oh, it’s “Dr. Bright” now?

Agent Green: What- what do you want from me? You don’t want me to be familiar with you and yet you expect me to do you favors. None of this seems very fair. 

Dr. Bright: Fair? How dare you talk to me about fairness. Fair would have been disclosing to me that our bosses had kidnapped my brother. Fair would have been helping me to get him out. 

Agent Green: Oh, because your jailbreak attempt went so well. 

Dr. Bright: Maybe if I had had a little support it would have. 

Agent Green: And then what? I’m out of a job I love, on the run presumably, and for what? To let a dangerous man run free?

Dr. Bright: Oh please, Mark isn’t dangerous. You know that as well as I. 

Agent Green: But he could be. If he fell into the wrong hands-

Dr. Bright: He is not a toy, for God’s sake! No one was going to snatch him up and use him for some evil plot - you all had already taken care of that!

Agent Green: Oh please, we weren’t using him against anyone - we were just trying to figure out how his ability worked. Good god, I’m going to half to cut out half of this recording-

Dr. Bright: And what a complete mess you made of it. 

Agent Green: Joan, he is the only atypical of his kind. His power- well, it’s limitless and you know that. The potential that’s there-

Dr. Bright: Don’t talk to me about Mark’s potential. You’ve destroyed that. You’ve destroyed any hope that he had to live a normal life. 

Agent Green: And is that really what you want for him? For all atypicals? For them to lead normal lives?

Dr. Bright: Of course. 

Agent Green: That wasn’t always your position, Dr. Bright. 

Dr. Bright: People change. 

Agent Green: They certainly do. 

Dr. Bright: I think this meeting is over, Agent Green. 

Agent Green: I believe I’m the one who decides when the meeting is over, Dr. Bright. 

Dr. Bright: This is my office, Green. If you insist on continuing your cowardly behavior it would be in your best interest to leave. Now. 

Agent Green: We will get through this, Joan. You, me, and Mark. The AM is taking care of him. He’s in good hands. 

Dr. Bright: Let me get the door for you. 

[sfx: opening door]

Dr. Bright: Damien. What the hell are you doing here? 

Damien: What up, Doc?

Agent Green: Dr. Bright, is that how you address your patients? 

Dr. Bright: Um, oh, no- Damien isn’t a patient. He’s…

Damien: I’m a friend. Her closest friend in fact. 

Agent Green: I see. Uh, well- well, I guess I should get out of your hair. Leave you to your Friday night. Oh- I’m sorry I didn’t see you there, miss. My goodness, this is a very busy waiting room for a Friday afternoon. 

Dr. Bright: Yes, indeed. Hello Ch- Christine. You’re here to pick up Sarah, correct?

Chloe: Um, yes. Yep, we were just about to head out.

Agent Green: Oh yes, where is Sarah?

Chloe: Uh, bathroom.

Agent Green: Ah, well - well, give her my best. Lovely girl. 

Dr. Bright: Absolutely. Goodbye, Agent Green. Have a pleasant weekend. 

Agent Green: Thank you, Dr. Bright. You as well. Well, all of you. All of you have a nice weekend. 

Damien: Thanks, Agent. Pleasure to meet you. 

Agent Green: Sure. Bye now. 

[sfx: opening and closing door]

[sfx: beep of a recorder]

[music & credits]

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